We were approached by the City of Calgary to create an ambient video installation as part of Alberta Culture Days 2014, an event showcasing  a cross section of Alberta’s creative talent. We loved the opportunity to get our work out into the general public, especially at a free art event like this one where people from all walks of life can experience and explore new technologies and artistic mediums.

We began by constructing a series of simple rectangular shapes out of a light-surfaced material suitable for projection, then stacked them to create a dynamic overall form for our canvas. Ben Leonard worked closely with electronic artist Defunk to create a series of custom, audio-driven animations inspired by his music. After setting up our installation, we video mapped it with a powerful 20k lumens projector to ensure the animations would stand up to the ambient lighting of a city park environment. Soon the simple boxes were dancing and transforming with the video and music, luring and enthralling passersby of all ages.

CLIENT: City of Calgary, Alberta Culture Days

DATE: October 2014

PROJECT MANAGER: Dillon Butz & Leigh Powless

PRODUCTION DESIGN: Ben Leonard & Leigh Powless


TECHS/PROGRAMMERS/VJS: Ben Leonard, Leigh Powless, Steve Burak