BEAMA teamed up with our good friends over at PK Sound to create a massive sculptural video mapped installation for the Fire Stage at Elements Music Festival. Ben Leonard began by digitally sculpting a crowned head and face, which was then built in full scale out of foam by the talented team at Heavy Industries. The face dominated the space, looming over the crowd at over a dozen feet tall, while the wings of the stage were filled out by panels with flame motif cut-outs.

While the head was being constructed, Ben used his digital model to develop banks of custom animations to manipulate and transform the shape and expressions of the face. BEAMA had recently added a 35k lumen projector to our inventory, and the Fire Stage offered us the first opportunity to really put it through it’s paces. Between the powerful new projector, sharp resolution, and Ben’s dynamic content, the face really took on a life of it’s own.

From terrifying alien queen, to bubbly anime pop star, to ancient mystic to celestial being of light, the stage was continuously born and reborn, created an intriguing narrative and rich visual backdrop for the soundscapes being crafted by the musical talent.

CLIENT: Elements Music Festival & Boodang Events

DATE: April 2012


PRODUCTION DESIGN: Ben Leonard (with Paul Magneson)


TECHS/PROGRAMMERS/VJS: Dillon Butz, Darren Caulfield, Cam MacNeil, Cam Crossley.