BEAMA connected with our old partners in crime, the Space Invaderz, to help us reimagine FozzyFest’s beach stage. We were inspired by the beautiful beach environment to create a wreck of a ship that would house two separate stages: a daytime version with a smaller sound system pointing over the water to enjoy the sunshine and sand without losing the music, and a nighttime version directed towards the forest, allowing us to crank up that incredible PK Sound without worrying about it carrying too far over the water. We completed the environment with a second floor cabin green room, video mapped sails, and plenty of playful props and artistic details.

CLIENT: Fozzy Fest

DATE: Ongoing

PROJECT MANAGER: Leigh Powless & Ben Leonard

PRODUCTION DESIGN: Leigh Powless, Ben Leonard, Kevin Ouchi

STAGE CREW: Nils Sundstrom, Jimmy Tersmette, Shawn Kollin, Clayton Hanner, Denis Dore, Kate Muncatchy, Colin McKeigan, Dakota Douglas

TECHS/PROGRAMMERS/VJS: Leigh Powless, Ben Leonard, Cam MacNeil, Dillon Butz, Colin MacKeigan